A Country in the World Should be Carved Out for Prosecuted LGBTQ People

Me: You know the bold thing that the United Nations should do is to carve out a piece of land and allow LGBTQs who are prosecuted in their homelands to be able to escape to there. But then they must fear that it might become like Israel, which has become a source of conflict. But it won’t because this land doesn’t have a place of birth so they can place it anywhere as long as it is in a safe place and allow prosecuted LGBTQ people to live in safety. As much as it might seem that LGBTQ rights is an universal right, some countries or their leaders need the time to appreciate this thought and belief. And in the meantime, instead of having so many LGBTQ people die from prosecution, can we save them? Undoubtedly, another nation of innovation and creativity will develop. This is an opportunity for the world.

Alex: You know that it is a paradox right. Who will protect them? What laws will govern these groups of people, now that it’s a concentrated population, it makes it easy for direct target.

Me: They will become a nation. They will have to come out with new laws. It will be a place of possibilities. The rights of this nation will similarly have to be protected. And countries who disagree cannot simply invade them.

Alex: Then the whole world will have to be restructured because everyone who is anyone who is under the protection of “human right” will then start demanding for a piece of land. Who will give up? Muslims escaping from Afghanistan wants a piece of land in Germany or America.

Me: True. But isn’t the world a constructed world in the first place? In a way countries are already semi-practicing this. They already provide LGBTQs asylum. But what about the LGBTQs who continue to be prosecuted because they cannot afford or find ways to leave the countries which prosecute them? It’s their business to die. Then there are groups from developed countries which continue to fund these groups in countries which prosecute LGBTQs. So they are intervening in the process as well. Who then will protect these people who are prosecuted? Who will prevent groups which cause their prosecution from doing so?

Do we allow the LGBTQ people to die while their leaders and countries come to terms with their existence? Or perhaps we should. Just like we had allowed the blacks to die as well (when they were trying to reclaim their civil rights).

But why the Jews then? Why was Israel created for the Jews? Because religion is a legitimate reason to safeguard a people? Or is the return to the birthplace of Judaism an excuse by the West to claim a stake in the Middle East?

Moreover modern states were created. They aren’t real. Geographical boundaries were created and countries claimed for their stakes in it. Countries and national boundaries are not natural. If we can create boundaries to cause harm to populations, we should rightfully be able to create boundaries to protect people from harm.

Alex: I don’t think isreal was created for the jews. Even if that happened, it happened way before UN was formed and nations and international boundaries were a very grey areas. United states wasn’t what it was now. So wasn’t china. Which included the Korean peninsula. Mexico extended into what is California and Texas now.

Me: Yes as I’m reading it was mandated during the era of the League of Nations, which would have been the predecessor of the United Nations. But if obviously boundaries are tenuous at best, why are we safe guarding it so preciously without a thought to how enacted boundaries perpetuate the discrimination and groups of people?

Alex: Glbt individuals can choose to leave like any other refugee of that nation. Why should special attention be given if all they want is to integrate?

Me: That is true. But what of the LGBTQ individuals who will be discriminated and prosecuted in their countries for the next few decades or centuries even? – They are citizens of countries primarily in the Middle East and Africa which prosecute them. And even if we disagree with the views of those who prosecute them, the people who prosecute them are on a path towards understanding LGBTQ people. But while they do so, can we allow more LGBTQ individuals to die unfairly because of who they are, because of a lack of understanding? Sure, most of us agree in educating others to learn and understand. But this might take another century or more before change takes place. In the meantime, thousands may die and it’s ok by virtue of the country they were born in? But from another angle, if countries were constructed in the first place, can we not deconstruct and reconstruct to develop safe places? Do we not need to understand the political reasons as to why boundaries were constructed? But sure, I know this will never happen. Our egos are too tied to these boundaries for us to want to let that go. And we’ve allowed the blacks to be unfairly prosecuted anyway. So others can suffer too. Anyway maybe some believe that to achieve rights, independence and freedom, sacrifices need to be made. But that’s the ego speaking. That’s just being lazy.

Alex: Reconstruction or tearing down of boundaries will take equally as long. And while globalization has been taking place over the last centuries, we are seeing more nationalistic reaction towards it. Until 7 billion people can think a like and learn to accept and respect each other’s cultures, it’s not very possible to do so. While wealthier nations need to be willing to share their wealth to the masses.

Me: But that’s true. The whole point is that we need to learn to understand, and accept one another for who we are. And by creating a space for LGBTQ, we are only trying to avert facing the issue at hand by creating another half-baked solution. But this is all hypothetical and philosophical since a land can practically not be carved up at anytime in the foreseeable future, what with China and the other East Asian countries bickering over some small islands. But as it is, it’s true that the West wants to see themselves as a champion of rights but they refuse to take an active role in the protection of rights. By vigourously defending their beliefs of rights without understanding the rights of others who disagree with them, they will only perpetuate misunderstandings. And which is the very reason why countries won’t believe in the rights of LGBTQ. And which is the reason why countries feel offended because of the West and their disregard for Islam. The West needs to understand before they can be understood.


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