3 Things That I Have Learnt From Dating People

There are some things I have learnt from dating people and going into relationships:

  1. If the person doesn’t think I am worth it, then I am not worth the person. And I don’t say this in an angry way. Sometimes, you are just not a person’s cup of tea or he doesn’t think you are the one for him, so you are not. And you move on. And find someone who would like to drink you for tea.
  2. If you are insecure when seeing someone, it’s most probably because of something that’s within you – you do not believe in the value of yourself. You might ask – but what if I am insecure because he is seeing someone behind my back? Well, if you value yourself, you would not allow yourself into a situation like this and you would not feel insecure.
  3. I will only let the right people into my life – people who know what they want and are ready to receive what I have to give. I wouldn’t allow someone who doesn’t know what they want because then, I will be only a testbed. If I am still testing, I would enter into the test with him. But if I am not, I wouldn’t become someone else’s test.

But no matter what happens, we have to be prepared for anything that comes and be responsible for our decisions. If we decide to be with someone and if things don’t turn out the way we want them to, then we have to be responsible for our decisions. We cannot blame someone else if things don’t work out. We have to understand that we have allowed ourselves into the situation and we will allow ourselves to learn from it and come out of it when the time comes for it.

If we say that we are tired of dating or going into relationships, it’s because we continue to allow ourselves to go into something without a full understanding of it. But when you know to understand yourself and be responsible for yourself, you will not allow yourself to enter into relationships which you know will not be useful for your growth.

But if you do, know that it’s because you have allowed the other person to enter into your life to help you learn about lessons that the both of you can learn together with. Then, allow yourself to learn and to always be responsible for yourself and your own decisions.


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