A Relationship is Based on the Foundation You Build Together

I saw this on the Positive Outlook’s Facebook Page.

I think this sums up pretty much how we, as gay people, need to understand our relationships (though of course, this doesn’t apply just to gay people).

We need to be aware of how we enter into relationships. We need to get to know the person first, before deciding to enter a relationship with the person.

If we enter the relationship simply because of initial attraction – we do not know what this initial attraction is based on. If we had wanted to enter the relationship to fulfil our inner need for love and attention, then the relationship wouldn’t be based on the love we have for the other but a void within. When we realise this person isn’t able to fulfil the void – because no amount of filling it can fulfil this void until we look within ourselves and fill it with our own love – then the relationship might not work out.

But if we enter the relationship because we truly know the other person and feel the connection, then we might actually make something work!


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